Bernadette Kelly

Writer Bernadette Kelly author of If wishes were horses is an accomplished horsewoman who likes all kinds of horse riding and in particular all kinds of competition riding, show jumping, navigation rides, one-day-events and trail rides…especially with her family. As keen member of Pony Club, Bernadette has held the office of District Commissioner at her local  chapter of Pony Club and lucky Bernadette is the owner of no less than SIX horses!!!
It is with her passion for horses that Bernadette gains ideas for her writing and that has led to her writing books such as the Riding High series and the Pony Patch series. However Bernadette also has written other books about all sorts of things including kids, pets and education books.
The Bernadette Kelly Website is an extremely helpful and user friendly place where Equestrienne Club members can gain all sorts of horsey information. On the Bernadette Kelly Website you can find amazing book reviews of Bernadette’s books, these reviews can give you a hint of what each book is about and maybe that will give you a pointer to see if you would like to read that book.
There is also a page on the website that has information about horses and how to care for horses, something all Equestrienne Members need to know all about!


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