The Silver Brumby TV Series

There has been so much written about Elyne Mitchell’s much loved Australian horse classic The Silver Brumby, but did you know that was a television series produced around this story and a movie!
Made between 1994 and 1996 a children’s series of 39 episodes of The Silver Brumby were made and according to producer Colin South the series was ‘the first fully animated series using Australian stories, themes and locations to be wholly produced in Australia.’ The series was made after the success of the award winning live action movie, The Silver Brumby, which starred Australian actor Russell Crowe.
The Australian Screen Organization, or australianscreen as it is often called is operated by the National Film and Archive and together they maintain a website that is an educational and promotional resource for everyone to access. It is on this website that you can find helpful information all about The Silver Brumby animated series. There are clips from the series to watch, a synopsis of the plot and information about the actors in the series.
You can also find out cool stuff like where to get a copy of the series and best of all there is a place for you to make a comment and even write a review of the series.

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