Magnificent Misty of Chincoteague

This classic story based on true events is a must have for every pony lover. Author Marguerite Henry weaves an enchanting tale set among the captivating landscape of the wild and rugged Virginian coastline of mainland USA. Together with the stunning pen and ink illustrations by Wesley Dennis, the story of the Phantom and her foal Misty is sure to captivate all who pick up this book.
The story is centred on young Paul Beebe and his sister Maureen, and their dream of capturing and training the famous and elusive mare Phantom and her foal Misty from Assateague Island during the annual pony penning on Chincoteague Island. Yet Paul and Maureen could never imagine all the hurdles that they must overcome to realize their dream of owning the prized mare and her foal.
Now available in this large print edition, Misty of Chincoteague, winner of the prestigious Newberry Honor award in 1948 is a classic American novel that has enthralled readers all around the world for generations and is bound to have you reined in from the start!


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More Magnificent Misty of Chincoteague

Well you read the book and you loved it and now you want to find out more about that perfect pony pal Misty…right? So look no further than right here on the Misty of Chincoteague Foundation website. This not for profit group spend time raising funds and awareness of the legend of Misty and her life and times. The Foundation was created by Misty fans for Misty fans, to keep the legend of Misty of Chincoteague alive today.
The Misty of Chincoteague Foundation website has many interesting facts, links and photographs relating to the real Misty and author Marguerite Henry and how they both came to know and love one another. Original photographs such as Misty being held by her halter beside Marguerite Henry are a plenty on this website as well as many of the magnificent illustrations drawn by artist Wesley Dennis. Discover facts about the area that Misty grew up and lived in, the fascinating and rugged Chincoteague and Assateague islands of Virginia on the east coast of mainland USA and watch some of the exciting videos of the famous Pony Penning and Pony Swim.
Still want more? The Misty of Chincoteague Foundation website also allows for you to become part of the legend by joining up to the Friends of Misty group. So join up and maybe even visit Chincoteague and the see the Pony Swim and learn more about Misty of Chincoteague.

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Can Annie Boyd Finally Realise Her Dream?

Can you imagine leaving your friends, your school, the city and everything you know behind to start a new a new life in the country? Well that’s exactly what has happened to Annie Boyd when her father gets a new job and her family moves to the peaceful country town of Ridgeview. But leaving behind her best friend Jade and their trips to the shopping centre does have an upside with the good news for Annie that with moving to the country there is plenty of room for Annie to keep a pony of her own, something the horse mad Annie has always dreamed of!
Book one in the Riding High Series, a series of eight books written by Australian author Bernadette Kelly, If wishes were horses is a fun and easy to read book full of the trials and tribulations of Annie and her dreams of owning her very own pony.


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Bernadette Kelly

Writer Bernadette Kelly author of If wishes were horses is an accomplished horsewoman who likes all kinds of horse riding and in particular all kinds of competition riding, show jumping, navigation rides, one-day-events and trail rides…especially with her family. As keen member of Pony Club, Bernadette has held the office of District Commissioner at her local  chapter of Pony Club and lucky Bernadette is the owner of no less than SIX horses!!!
It is with her passion for horses that Bernadette gains ideas for her writing and that has led to her writing books such as the Riding High series and the Pony Patch series. However Bernadette also has written other books about all sorts of things including kids, pets and education books.
The Bernadette Kelly Website is an extremely helpful and user friendly place where Equestrienne Club members can gain all sorts of horsey information. On the Bernadette Kelly Website you can find amazing book reviews of Bernadette’s books, these reviews can give you a hint of what each book is about and maybe that will give you a pointer to see if you would like to read that book.
There is also a page on the website that has information about horses and how to care for horses, something all Equestrienne Members need to know all about!


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Are you thinking about showing your pony?

Is your pony ready? Are you ready? Is it time for your first pony show?
In My first Pony Show, author Judith Draper will guide the young novice rider through all that is needed to be ready for your first show and more excitingly, what happens at the pony show!
Packed with loads of information about the different events like dressage, dress up, show jumping and gymkhana games…the choices are endless. Each page has spectacular colour pictures displaying everything to do with showing your pony including how to bathe and trim your pony so he is looking his most perfect and beautiful for the judges and don’t forget about plaiting and braiding your pony’s tail and mane. Learning how to do that can be tricky!
Filled with loads of helpful tips and tricks this book is a must read for any novice rider who wants to show their pony.


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Could this be the best horse book ever?

AMAZING!! That is one word that can be said about this classic horse story. Set way back in Victorian England, author Anna Sewell tells this story  through the eyes of Black Beauty, who starts life with the name ‘Darkie’ because his coat was dull and dark.
The story tells you about the life of Black Beauty and all the jobs he had, the places he lived and all the other horses and people he meets during his life. Some of these jobs are pulling carts with goods and pulling carriages with people as there were not any cars or trucks to do that work back then. Sometimes this was really hard work and often the horse owners were very cruel to the horses by whipping them and making them wear cruel reins that made the horses head stand high. This was very painful for a horse.
In this special illustrated edition of Black Beauty, the drawings  by William Geldhart will be admired and enjoyed by any horse lover or reader alike. Included in this edition are many very interesting pictures showing what life was like in 1877 England for the horses and their owners.


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Black Beauty

The book Black Beauty by author Anna Sewell is a timeless classic loved by children and adults alike since its first publication in 1877. The National Public Radio service, a United States of America funded initiative maintains a website  with a dedicated book club page incorporating ‘youthful reads for junior brainiacs.’ This book club has a fantastic page on Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty.
On the backseat book club page you will find interesting items such as a downloadable audio file for you to listen to about ‘How Black Beauty Changed The Way We See Horses’ a fascinating discussion held between the radio program host and Pulitzer Prize winner Jane Smiley author of prominent contemporary horse books including Champion Horse.
On top of this interesting sound recording there are some lovely images of book covers that have details on how to buy the book Black Beauty including the publisher details a purchase now button so you can buy the book right away! Also included on the website are further horsey reading options and add to this a healthy comments section where you too can join in the conversation about Black Beauty and discuss topics about the book with like minded people.

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